The Game

All players have one box each.

And the content differs.

How can they work together remotely to solve the task?

Female hands with black box on grey text

What is this?

An experience for the remote team

A boxed challenge delivered directly to each players mailbox.

With 4 players in each team, the boxes all have different content. Cooperation is required to solve the task, but there is more to it...

Each box holds the story along with unique game content.

Photos, gadgets, letters and riddles that all revolve around a story.

Secret instructions and hidden clues create a depth in the game.

It is a motivating and entertaining task that puts the communication in the team to the test. You as the organizer divide the participants into suitable 4 member teams and set up video calls in your own platform. 

You give us a date and we provide the entertainment!

The Story

Corporate Crisis [60 minutes]

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You are all colleagues at "Gamla Verken AB", a job that suits you well. The days are spent waiting for the hours to go by, whining at the coffee breaks and get by with as little effort as possible.

Your ideal workplace, or at least it was.


Two years ago a new CEO was appointed to the company and since then one change has led to another. There are rumors of a major change in the company after the annual general meeting in two weeks time. And not only that, an insider among you seems to be leaking information about your behavior to the managers. 


Today your company is arranging an “After Work” where you are supposed to learn how to communicate and work better as a team.


Ridiculous, nothing that you need.


You take this opportunity to find out what is really happening...

starting at 180 SEK / 18€ ex vat for each box, plus shipping.

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black paper box