Perhaps not everything is crystal clear.

Image by Chris Montgomery

How much does it cost?

The price starts at 180 SEK / 18 € per box for quantities below 20 boxes. This excludes VAT and Shipping, as this depends on customer location. Shipping in Sweden costs 25 SEK per box Shipping in Europe costs 40 SEK per box Combined shipping can be arranged to office location as well. Swedish VAT is 25% The amount will be invoiced at delivery with 30 days terms. Proforma Invoice will be issued to companies outside of Sweden.

Where do you ship?

Anywhere! All items are shipped from Sweden and can reach most of Europe in a few days. International shipping can be arranged and delivery depends on actual location. Packages can be traceable if requested.

What is the game language?


Are Inbox Escape part of the game?

No, this game is played completely on your own, we won't interfere. The organizer will be provided all neccesary information and contact details to us if crisis emerge, however all information and clues is provided in advance.

How do we set up the game?

Clear instructions will be provided to the organizer when placing the order. Each participant will get a box delivered to their home well in advance. This box is sealed until the game starts. The organizer will arrange a video conferande with breakout rooms in the manner you are most used to in your company. Perhaps Google meet or Zoom suits you. Each team consists of 4 players. They will be provided all the needed details in their boxes. How to find help, how to solve the puzzle, what the story is all about. The gameplay takes roughly an hour and we recommend a maximum time limit of 60 minutes. The results are available to the organizer during the whole game.

How many can play?

Each team consists of 4 members, but there is no limitation on how many teams that can play at the same time. How about a world wide challenge?

What if a box or member is missing in a team?

No worries, we have this figured out. Each box is unique and if there is one missing, the team will have a difficult time solving the game. However all unique content is also availble online and the Organizer will be able to provide the missing details / box to the team.

Can only companies order?

No, anyone can order! Gather your friends and arrange an event, we will ship anywhere. Payment will be solved using payment links. We accept Klarna, Paypal and Credit Cards.

Can we play without video conferance?

Yes, if you sit together. You need to see each other in one way or another. However the game will be much easier if you are not using a video conferance, as communication will be more efficient.

What is inside the box?

Well, lots of things! About 10-15 items in each box and here are some examples. An introduction to the game with instructions and rules. The story to what is going on and what needs to be done. A pen, or a ruler perhaps. Some contain a floppy disk, others a map. There is quite a lot of paper with clues and instructions. A timesheet or perhaps an organizational chart. A secret letter and something that no one should see. A locked envelope. A straw and a keychain. Some conversations between colleagues and a youtube link. Coffee stains on the letter and some wierd unreadble stuff. There are some of the items that can be found in the boxes. But really, you will have to see for yourself.

How about delivery?

Depending on the order size´and shipping location, we will need about 10 working days from order to package everything and ship it. If it's a smaller order we can make it sooner, contact and we will try our best.